I dream of having my own studio “MADHOUSE”. A space to create freely. It only recently ocurred to me that I could set one up in my garage. I guess I just realised you gotta start somewhere, anywhere! Funnily enough a lot of the sucessful businesses I look up to also started off in a garage. Over time I have collected different lights,cameras,and gels for this studio and even set up a temporary backdrop for photography. The first project shot at “MADHOUSE” was for musical artist The Mike Wilson. Mike had reached out to photographer and graphic designer Ricardo Cruz to shoot a cover for his latest single, SINNERMAN. Ricardo reached out to me to help create more of a vibe and direction for the cover. I always start by diving deep into a song to fully understand the vibe and meaning. SINNERMAN has a fast, bouncy beat with cool piano riffs that make the song colorful and unpredictable. What started off as a very DIY approach turned into a finished product whos process deserves a deeper look.

Like the name suggests, SINNERMAN has a fun and sinsiter side to it, so creating a “character” if you will to match that energy was necessary. We went for a character that was mysterious, exciting, and colorful. Once at the MADHOUSE we tried different lighting techniques, props, and colors. I suggested laying mike down and letting his hair add texture and movement to our picture, it ended up being a cool approach for the cover. We were shooting in my garage, which meant no studio fees, no rushing against the clock, it was liberating! This wont be the last time you hear about MADHOUSE, im working on a more permanent step towards my creative space, until then I will continue to create wherever I can!

what is your creative process like? leave your comments below!

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